About ShalvaPub

At ShalvaPub we offer a service to writers who want to take advantage of the emerging market in ebooks. The frustrating days of submitting your manuscript—the result of long hours of hard work—to publisher after publisher, only to wait for months and then receive a string of rejection letters, are over. Today anyone can publish their work and make it accessible to readers across the world in a matter of hours or days.

One of our services is to convert a manuscript into ebook format and then listing the title on the international ebook retailing networks. This process involves technical know-how that many writers feel unable or unwilling to master. ShalvaPub covers the technical aspects of creating an ebook at a fee, leaving the writer free to focus on the actual writing. Using our ebook listing service, you can establish a direct link with your potential readers and know that your work is immediately available to them in the full range of ebook formats.

eBook publishing has the following main benefits compared to printed books:

  • the author has much more say in the publishing of an ebook, even to the point of determining the selling price
  • ebook publishing is so to speak instantaneous – once the manuscript is edited and finalised, the book can be on the virtual shelves within a day
  • an ebook is always available – printed copies can gather dust in a garage and no potential reader will ever know about it
  • an ebook never dies – that is until the author decides to take it off the market

The only real drawback of publishing ebooks is the same as that of traditional self publishing a printed book: there is no Big Daddy Publisher who does the marketing of the book. The success of an ebook depends entirely on 2 factors: the quality of the work, and the marketing skills and effort of the author.

Several factors may determine the success of an ebook. Affordability is important to readers. Some authors do not realise that the ebook market lets you make a good profit even if you sell your work at a low price—because lower prices mean that you can attract more readers. Another important factor is the quality of your work. If your writing is of a high standard and readers find the content intriguing, your book could become a bestseller. But if the writing is poor and the content does not interest most people, the book will quietly slip into obscurity—whether it was printed conventionally or epublished. The point is that with ebooks, your readers will decide on the merit of your work, rather than some god-like editor with a hangover in a plush office on the 13th floor of a huge publishing company somewhere you’ve never visited. As an ebook author, your readers will largely determine whether or not your book succeeds.